The company

IBEX (Ingenieur Büro EXtrusion= engineer office for plastic extrusion) was founded as a technical office for plastic engineering in the year 2008 as a member of the Austrian association of engineer offices.

Because of know- how from 20- years in the extrusions- sector we can draw upon an extensive, practical orientated potential of experience. So we are able to offer our clients an autonomous consultancy for finding solutions in plastic extrusion. Although IBEX offers a practical accompany up to your marketable product.

The main- focus

To construct extrusion concepts for pipe-, profile-. sheet-, and granules extrusion, all thermoplastics, fibre combined materials and recyclates which are usual in trade, although they are not thermoplastic processable.

The company- founder

After his education to a plastic technician, company- founder and manager Mr. Josef Hintenberger consolidated his competence in extrusion in building plastic plants and in researching materials in a number of international projects in a leading position.


So he connects the knowledge in building extrusion plants with developing materials, what is profitable for his clients in a high degree.

Our philosophy

To cause an optimal processing on existing plants by a specific analysis an effective advisory.

Everything is floating- the principle of the rheology, has created a lot of interesting materials in our technical understanding.

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