The thermoplastic- processable- elastomer-regenerate

In common with a partner- company we founded on the base of an elastomer- regenerate a raw material which is able to be used for injection moulding and extrusion, and which shows very good attenuation properties.
The material is free of plastisizers and keeps its very good impact strength also at quite low temperatures of -20°C. It also offers a very good UV- stability.



Application areas: crash protection, semi-finished products for traffic engineering, footfall sound insulation, elements for increasing the adhesion of goods on pallets, truck load floors, and so on...


It is possible to process the material on thermoplastic- injection moulding machines and also on single screw extruders.


Its price structure is unbeatable opposite to TPE`s and also PVC.


Either the injection moulding type AMG33/0 or the extrusion variety AMG 12/1 is available at IBEX.

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