Ongoing projects

A co-rotating extruder for PVC- processing


Counter-rotating extruders, which are usually employed in PVC-processing, are also used in producing of PVC- foamed profiles, because a parallel co- rotating extruder cannot build up the essential mass pressure. With a new conical co-rotating extruder construction it is possible to insert a better homogenization effect of the co- rotating extruder for PVC- processing. The conical extruder can build up mass pressure up to 350 bar- at an open venting zone, completely without any assembling of a melting pump.



So you get a better foam quantity, also a PVC foam-recipe can be arranged considerably bargain.

High filler content

Because of the conical building technique, it is possible to dose filling materials which are difficult to convey, directly on the extruder, without suspecting disposals in the PVC- conveyer facilities.

The co-rotating extruder offers the best adjustment of every filling material through its good homogenization.


With a well considered formulation you can get in principle not thermoplastic-processable elastomer-regenerates able for extrusion and injection moulding.
So you become a new, low priced, rubbery- elastic material for extrusion on single-screw extruders and for injection moulding.


extrusion part

injection- moulding part

A supported plastic- cluster project with Austrian project partners of the plastic- industry is in process.

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